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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Definition financial Marketing.

Definition financial Marketing
Financial marketing brings together all the techniques marketing aimed at placement and marketing of financial public products and services, funding and other institutional investors. Financial marketing may also target the financial community (experts, analysts, organizations, etc.). Financial marketing techniques are generally implemented by large listed companies or by financial companies. Financial marketing distinguishes normally Bank marketing which is implemented by banks and which are not financial products.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Strategy in a business customer loyalty

Strategy in a business customer loyalty
Unfortunately, entrepreneurs do not define their target. When it starts a new activity, it is more difficult because is not presuppose, unless good experience of the trade. In principle, market research to define this target, but it is not uncommon to see discrepancies between statements of intentions collected in market research, and the realization of these intentions. It is therefore often necessary to go through a phase of testing to determine its target in dousing a wide audience, by way of an announcement in a local newspaper for example or a distribution of leaflets in the mailbox, and studying the profile of people that meet and that will be the target.
Many display but few actually apply it. It is not enough to use the terms of client or taken satisfaction of the needs of clients in slogans or in commercials, must apply it daily and there are few companies that really do. That is what this term means? It may not be needless to remind some bases of the concept.
-Among clients in filing a claim, between 54 and 70% will remain loyal if their problem is resolved. This percentage rises to 95% if the problem is resolved quickly.
-A client that the problem was solved speak favourably his experience at least 5 people in his entourage.
-Acquire a new customer costs five times more to satisfy and retain existing customers.
-A company can improve its profitability from 25 to 85% by reducing its rate of defection of 5%.
-The profitability of a customer tends to increase with the length of his relationship with the company. In all cases, never forget the following:
-A customer is the most important person.
-A client is not us, we depend on him.
-A client is not an embarrassment in our work, it is the rationale. We do pay him service, it makes we service by asking something.
-There is no point in arguing with a customer, person has never won against a client.
-A client tells us about her needs, we to meet, to its benefit as well as to our own

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Viral marketing

Viral marketing
The viral marketing (or buzz marketing) is a really attractive thing for the marketers. Only think: instead of spending incredible money in advertising in newspapers, films or banner ads on TV, you do (almost) spend nothing and let your fans do all the work for you. With viral marketing or buzz, your campaigns will suddenly come to life and begin to spread like a virus. Everyone will want to see it, and when they will see, they want to share it all. It is very powerful and the impact is usually 500 to 1000 times greater than what could be obtained with traditional advertising.
Viral marketing is not a new phenomenon, on the contrary. It is in fact that transpose the word of mouth system to the Web with the modern tools of dialogue online (emails, cats, forums, website, blog, Instant Messaging...). Its principle is simple: send a written message or Visual users, and give them want to do follow in turn to others. Using this vector of communication, you touch a significant number of people while achieving significant cost savings. However, facing the craze found lately for viral marketing, it becomes more and more difficult to create a buzz on the canvas effect.
What is the key to the success of direct marketing?
The conditions for success are simple: should be the right offer at the right time and the right person. It is the school of common sense!
All this through a prior work for:
-defining a coherent and detailed programme of actions for a full year;
-set a goal for each action;
-define a target and the measure;
-Choose a way adapted to the objectives set and the size of the target;
-predict the budget.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Marketing financial and banking

Marketing financial and banking
Treat Marketing as a small business unit.
The marketing team includes Finance executives wait a marketers to manage risks, improve efficiency and be financially responsible. What in fact for commercialization is asked to act as the owner of a business strategy unit. They want that traders are aware of their numbers, to show that they have a plan and demonstrate the that they care about the success of the company. If traders accept this role, then as owner, they must demonstrate the reasonable vigilance and accountability focusing on additional sales and gross margin contribution. The owners know their business and key operational indicators. For marketing, key operational indicators are the average customer purchase, the ratio of the cross-sell upgrade conversion, the value of life of the client, the acquisition cost average customer, the average customer retention rate and the cost, the share of the brand in each segment and geography, and the rate of acceptance of new products.
If you are part of the marketing team, and you are not acting as an owner, it is time for a change. In most companies, the owner works with finance to develop their business performance measures. For the marketing of this means they need to finance in the process of planning and measuring marketing just like any other owner.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marketing financial and banking

Marketing financial and banking
Consolidation and its limits
Once the traders to learn the language and begin to act, they may realize when there are a few areas that they need to consolidate.
First of all the need is to improve the analytical and quantitative team power. The State must link the scientific side of marketing rather than relying on the creative talents. This may mean changes in staff and training. A number to explain, understand and use statistics and data to make decisions instead of relying only on experience, intuition and opinion. Third, the leaders of marketing may need to review and restructure the marketing process to achieve levels of granularity. Fourth, they must ensure that they have a culture that is results-based and performance-based. And finally, they need a set of measures and market performance objectives aligned with those of the company.
Finance executives can really help these challenges of transformation. They can help to define the marketing appropriate and realistic parameters. Once the finance they get engaged and begin to think about marketing in a different way, marketing is about to have an ally.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Marketing financial and banking

Marketing financial and banking
This new era, forces marketing to change the focus of the taking of conscience and the image to business outcomes such as increased revenue, customer acquisition and value, cash flow and shareholder value. Merchants are squarely seated within the hair trigger of the finance organization. To avoid the ball, they need new skills, tools and opportunities and financial assistance.

While the marketing and finance tend to have an adversarial relationship, it is possible to transform an ally of finance and turn marketing into a unit based on the performance at the same time with some work.

Speak the language of business: cash flow

To change the relationship, marketing must understand the mentality of finance. Basically, people in finance are risk averse. They need marketing to show them why what she wants to do is the right thing to do, not saying it is strategic, not being able to communicate how much money will turn and when?

Finance is focused on revenue, expenditure, profit and shareholder value. For most companies, the old saying "Cash is King" reigns still. It is not that the financial people are not interested in the mark, they want the ability to brand relationship and loyalty to cash flow. It is not a coincidence that there is a strong correlation between cash flow and marketing responsibilities.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marketing financial and banking

Marketing financial and banking
Marketing financial and banking, should be creative to be persuasive. But he must also know and understand the products themselves to speak just to savers. Financial products are complex. The regulatory context in which the insurers banks operate is changing. Savers have themselves new requirements in a tax and heritage space more in more narrow. Whether it is to apply to savers, the relay of opinion, as press or business partners can make interventions in a documented framework taking into account the elements that feed the reflections of the targets: economic environment, product positioning, competitive advantage, in heritage perspective. At the same time can develop real expertise in marketing and banking information: mailings, newsletters, letters private management, annual reports, financial e-mailings, financial press, presentation of the annual results, hence it must intervene in the run-up and provides the design and implementation of communication for example the print tools, web, media relations.



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