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Monday, February 13, 2012

Last of Marketing

Last of Marketing
What is it?
 Marketing played an important role in the development of the consumer society. It has bad press and some accuse him of creating new needs to sell all kinds of incremental innovations that are not lacking to arrive on the market. It feeds the unbridled growth of consumption and to the depletion of resources. Marketing is a tool; it is therefore neutral by definition. It can, if it is well controlled, support the development of a sustainable and responsible economy. It is an effective tool, based on fundamental principles. Marketing revisit of systematic and methodical manner to take into account the environmental impact of each of these elements.
That is we trying to achieve?
 Participants will have acquired a systematic and methodical approach to develop their strategy of sustainable marketing. Tools validated by examples from practice. Knowledge of new trends in marketing and their role in sustainable marketing. An interdisciplinary approach and encourages the exchange of ideas and practices.
 How do we work?
 It is based, firstly, on a presentation of the theoretical underpinnings. It is then completed by of practical tools for classroom use. An example illustrated by a player closing the issue. Interaction with the participants and the exchange of experiences are encouraged.
 Target audience
 Experience shows that it is advantageous to consider a specific audience already during the preparation of this work. Please indicate the professional groups that you are targeting. Our audience consists of main groups following contributors to the environmental services of the Confederation, the cantons and the municipalities, consultants and engineers of the environment of private offices in several areas such as nature conservation, land-use planning, forest, culture, transportation planning, geology, private businesses, offices of advice and engineering, various bodies of professions.


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