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Monday, February 20, 2012

Marketing financial and banking

Marketing financial and banking
This new era, forces marketing to change the focus of the taking of conscience and the image to business outcomes such as increased revenue, customer acquisition and value, cash flow and shareholder value. Merchants are squarely seated within the hair trigger of the finance organization. To avoid the ball, they need new skills, tools and opportunities and financial assistance.

While the marketing and finance tend to have an adversarial relationship, it is possible to transform an ally of finance and turn marketing into a unit based on the performance at the same time with some work.

Speak the language of business: cash flow

To change the relationship, marketing must understand the mentality of finance. Basically, people in finance are risk averse. They need marketing to show them why what she wants to do is the right thing to do, not saying it is strategic, not being able to communicate how much money will turn and when?

Finance is focused on revenue, expenditure, profit and shareholder value. For most companies, the old saying "Cash is King" reigns still. It is not that the financial people are not interested in the mark, they want the ability to brand relationship and loyalty to cash flow. It is not a coincidence that there is a strong correlation between cash flow and marketing responsibilities.


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