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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Viral marketing

Viral marketing
The viral marketing (or buzz marketing) is a really attractive thing for the marketers. Only think: instead of spending incredible money in advertising in newspapers, films or banner ads on TV, you do (almost) spend nothing and let your fans do all the work for you. With viral marketing or buzz, your campaigns will suddenly come to life and begin to spread like a virus. Everyone will want to see it, and when they will see, they want to share it all. It is very powerful and the impact is usually 500 to 1000 times greater than what could be obtained with traditional advertising.
Viral marketing is not a new phenomenon, on the contrary. It is in fact that transpose the word of mouth system to the Web with the modern tools of dialogue online (emails, cats, forums, website, blog, Instant Messaging...). Its principle is simple: send a written message or Visual users, and give them want to do follow in turn to others. Using this vector of communication, you touch a significant number of people while achieving significant cost savings. However, facing the craze found lately for viral marketing, it becomes more and more difficult to create a buzz on the canvas effect.
What is the key to the success of direct marketing?
The conditions for success are simple: should be the right offer at the right time and the right person. It is the school of common sense!
All this through a prior work for:
-defining a coherent and detailed programme of actions for a full year;
-set a goal for each action;
-define a target and the measure;
-Choose a way adapted to the objectives set and the size of the target;
-predict the budget.


Just one time you needed to be viral then u will get batter then batter as you want...!

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