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Friday, February 24, 2012

Strategy in a business customer loyalty

Strategy in a business customer loyalty
Unfortunately, entrepreneurs do not define their target. When it starts a new activity, it is more difficult because is not presuppose, unless good experience of the trade. In principle, market research to define this target, but it is not uncommon to see discrepancies between statements of intentions collected in market research, and the realization of these intentions. It is therefore often necessary to go through a phase of testing to determine its target in dousing a wide audience, by way of an announcement in a local newspaper for example or a distribution of leaflets in the mailbox, and studying the profile of people that meet and that will be the target.
Many display but few actually apply it. It is not enough to use the terms of client or taken satisfaction of the needs of clients in slogans or in commercials, must apply it daily and there are few companies that really do. That is what this term means? It may not be needless to remind some bases of the concept.
-Among clients in filing a claim, between 54 and 70% will remain loyal if their problem is resolved. This percentage rises to 95% if the problem is resolved quickly.
-A client that the problem was solved speak favourably his experience at least 5 people in his entourage.
-Acquire a new customer costs five times more to satisfy and retain existing customers.
-A company can improve its profitability from 25 to 85% by reducing its rate of defection of 5%.
-The profitability of a customer tends to increase with the length of his relationship with the company. In all cases, never forget the following:
-A customer is the most important person.
-A client is not us, we depend on him.
-A client is not an embarrassment in our work, it is the rationale. We do pay him service, it makes we service by asking something.
-There is no point in arguing with a customer, person has never won against a client.
-A client tells us about her needs, we to meet, to its benefit as well as to our own


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