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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marketing financial and banking

Marketing financial and banking
Marketing financial and banking, should be creative to be persuasive. But he must also know and understand the products themselves to speak just to savers. Financial products are complex. The regulatory context in which the insurers banks operate is changing. Savers have themselves new requirements in a tax and heritage space more in more narrow. Whether it is to apply to savers, the relay of opinion, as press or business partners can make interventions in a documented framework taking into account the elements that feed the reflections of the targets: economic environment, product positioning, competitive advantage, in heritage perspective. At the same time can develop real expertise in marketing and banking information: mailings, newsletters, letters private management, annual reports, financial e-mailings, financial press, presentation of the annual results, hence it must intervene in the run-up and provides the design and implementation of communication for example the print tools, web, media relations.


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