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Monday, February 13, 2012

Last of Marketing

Last of Marketing
At first glance, sustainability and marketing appear to be contradictory. Yet, nothing is less true. The marketers are today offered a historic opportunity to contribute to the solution of a series of global problems. Because convince, promote new ideas, it is precisely their job. Businesses, they have to become that best. In every sense of the term. Marketing and sustainable development, a concept broad if any, on which a mass of information exist. Can also make sustainable choices at the level of your plan of communication such as the sustainable media for example. Cannot continue to produce and consume today as if our natural resources were unlimited, as if we were alone in the world. But what markets are really ready in terms of tender green or ethical? Are environmental and social concerns really changing the behavior of purchase? And how can companies reconcile quest for growth and concern for a responsible commitment? However the marketing has a great role to play in sustainable development. They interrogate and emerging opportunities for current and future market trends and expectations on the side of consumers, and environmentally friendly innovative value creation opportunities of our resources.


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