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Monday, February 13, 2012

Last of Marketing

Last of Marketing
Companies have every interest to green. Can you earn money to a company by adding environmental constraints? It is not the constraints but of great opportunities for development. Invest in renewable energy provides access to new markets, to imagine new products and create jobs, while achieving savings. This is a crucial issue for the next ten years, the adaptability of companies to the ecology will condition their survival. European legislation soon will be very expensive polluting companies. Our role will be encouraged to invest to change the organization. A new generation of entrepreneurs is to train the students to environmental issues. These are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and they intend to respect their beliefs. There is no reason to be afraid of ecology. The green economy can bring large. The goal is to push the patterns to the next step. Companies have a huge strike force and can influence the behavior of thousands of consumers. Sustainable marketing also has this virtue to generate a positive brand image. Unfortunately many companies simply ecological advertising.


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