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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bank Marketing

Bank Marketing
Bank marketing is called to develop a distinctive brand image which is considered the capital-reputation of the financial institution. The choice of a differentiator specific positioning, the creation of an identity that all employees of the Bank is in referee and the allocation of commercial means to promote such positioning are the different phases of the process of the creation of these marks. Optimization of the competitiveness of the networks is considered as the second challenge of the Bank marketing of tomorrow. The role of marketing will be the formulation of a coherent strategy against the proliferation of channels of distribution and customer segments. Lastly, the Bank marketing must integrate the new Technologies of the Information in the Bank's marketing strategy and ensure the optimisation of the mesh of the distribution via the banking agency and the emergence of electronic commerce. Thus, the traditional marketing mix must give way to a modern marketing mix. E-marketing should benefit the Bank business information management, the update of the segments and the development of new modes of communication with a new on-line customer segment. The development of E-marketing will require a perfect collaboration between the two directions of marketing and information technology.


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