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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising
Users appreciate overall communication of brands, but are more reluctant to custom advertisements through their data storage. While advertising customization is proposed as a means to better respond to the actual needs of the consumer, it appears that the latter issue still reluctant on the subject. According to the "barometer of the intrusion" some people do not wish to receive targeted advertising. According to the report, users feel and step very uncomfortable on the means used by advertisers to better know them. Three quarters are disturbed by the storage of private information.
Apprehension of customization. All rides which must be accounts advertisers, and which can also be interpreted by a concern about further new uses. In the same vein, more than three-quarters of Internet users don't want that the marks have access to the keywords used on Google and Facebook uses personal information for targeted advertising. More than half of Internet users want the marks have no access to their navigation history.
Developments. Internet users fear mainly archiving of some information, as the age of their children, their biometric data, their photos and the name and email of their friends. However, women are more satisfied with the communication of marks than men. Little intrusion or those who do not feel are more and more numerous. Way General, communication of marks and signs still appreciated and less than half of them feel a global sense of intrusion on the part of the marks. The barometer was conducted with more than 36,000 people.


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