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Sunday, February 12, 2012

E mail marketing

E mail marketing
If discussions on the evolution of the role of the subject in the e-mail marketing line is progressing, this line object remains very important to many people in their decision to open or not an e-mail. In fact, it is important to opt for subject lines short and direct, even if people do not click. In the course of purchase multi channel, each point of contact has a dimension of promotion of the brand, and is the same for the subject line. Of course, trust, which is displayed in the preview pane and the previous experience of interaction and content relevance also play an important role. But, in a cross-channel marketing optimization approach and focused on the customer, every small detail is important. And the subject line is important with a view to conversion. The subject line is a key component of the overall effectiveness of e-mail marketing and customer experience. To be effective, the subject lines must be personal, attractive and appropriate content, to the recipient and behaviour, and the promise made.


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