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Friday, February 17, 2012

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising
The social network has begun to optimize the relevance of its advertising system by introducing targeted advertisements. What does this mean? It will simply banners based on the articles and discussions of its members introduce taking account of the key words associated. This gives the opportunity to the advertiser to target a public concerned by its products and to convert at the same time in future client. Targeted advertising may perhaps surpass the efficacy of other advertising that exists. And for cause, it learned recently, when it published its list of the advertising boards allowed on its network. A new that strengthens the rivalry of businesses online. The new terms of use of the service are too restrictive where the advertising platforms will have no access to the data of the users. In addition, the advertising provider must alert the social network for one reason or another, it is obliged to receive of any user data. They are not in their test run on the controversy over the user data.


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