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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The usefulness of the direct marketing

Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing is a communications and sales technique is to get a message custom and incentive to target individuals or companies, to obtain an immediate and measurable response. In other words, direct marketing is directly affecting the target. Direct marketing to attract new customers, with a suitable offer, tested on different targets of prospects to which it is proposed to subscribe to a service, to join a club, or subscribe to an operation. The number of clients actually acquired at the end of operation, versus number of messages issued initially, to calculate the rate of yield of the operation, and especially the cost of acquiring a new customer. The behaviour of recruited customers approach of segmenting the client file segmentation criteria, and to provide to each frequency of purchases, quantity by command, the width of the covered needs, and especially the subscription or subscription renewal before its completion, to increase the lifetime of the client and revenue reached for the company during the life of the customers. While advertising is intended to showcase a product or to love a brand, direct marketing allows to calculate very precisely the profitability of the performed actions, as is known, for each broadcast advertisement, or for each mailing (mailing) carried out the exact number of commands finally obtained, and clear net margin. This precise knowledge of the profitability of operations explains the extraordinary growth of direct marketing over the years, to the point that investments by French companies in direct marketing are in 2005, also important (about € 10 billion) than those invested by the same companies in purchase of advertising space in the major media.


Direct Response Marketing helps you to increase your sales in a scientific manner.

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